CO Series 1000 & 1500 Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Analyzers

CO Series 1000 & 1500 Carbon Monoxide Analyzers

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Blanke Industries can put the power of a gas analyzer in the palm of your hand, without taking a big chunk out of your wallet. Introducing the CO Series 1000 and 1500 Exhaust Gas Analyzers, a new benchmark in tune-up technology. The analyzers are dependable, accurate and easy to use. Best of all, they are very affordable.

These instruments are designed to check CO emissions from any internal combustion engine powered by gasoline, propane, natural gas and even diesel fuel. They each provide a cost effective method for measuring exhaust emissions to help control pollutants. The analyzers are also powerful tools for maintaining optimum fuel efficiency and extending engine life. With a CO Series 1000 or 1500, any engine can be properly tested and repaired to assure ideal engine performance.


  • Portable, hand-held instrument
  • Instant “on” capability, no warm-up time
  • Easy to read, digital display
  • Powered by 12 volt vehicle battery
  • Internal pump and sensor
  • Durable, impact resistant enclosure
  • Flexible stainless steel probe
  • Easily calibrated in the field
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Made with pride in the U.S.


  • Automobiles
  • Motorcycles/ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Marine/Boats
  • Commercial Lawnmowers
  • Forklifts
  • Floor Sweepers/Scrubbers
  • Personnel/Burden Carriers
  • Generators

Exhaust Analyzer Product Comparison

General Specifications

Series 1000 Series 1500
Floor Scrubber
Power 12 volts DC (external) Same
Start-up time Instant “on”, no warm-up Same
Construction Rugged ABS plastic Same
Sample flow rate Approximately 72 in³/min (1180 ml/min) Same
Operating temperature 35 to 104°F (2 to 40°C) Same
Storage temperature 10 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) Same
Humidity range 10-90% RH (non-condensing) Same
User Calibration Monthly or as needed Same
Sensor type Electrochemical Same
Sensor life Typically 1-2 years Typically 3-5 years
Range 0-4% 0-10%
Resolution 0.1% Same
Response time (90%) less than 30 seconds  less than 10 seconds
Accuracy ±10% of reading(1) ±5% of reading(1)
Repeatability ±10% of reading(1) ±5% of reading(1)
Dimensions 9.2” L × 5.1” W × 1.2” H Same
Weight 1.86 pounds (0.84 kg) Same
Display 3½ digit LCD, ½” digit height Same
Power Cable 6’ L with battery clamps Same
Probe(s) 12” flexible steel, ½” O.D. 12” flexible steel, ½” & ¼” O.D.
Sample hose 10’ L × ¼” O.D. Same
Particle filter 30 micron nylon screen Same
(1) Analyzer will meet accuracy and repeatability specifications when zero and span calibrated in the environment of use. All specifications and features are subject to change without notice.  © Copyright 2014 Blanke Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.


Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Analyzer

CO Series 1000

Includes CO analyzer, 10’ exhaust sample hose with flexible probe (½” O.D.), 6’ power cable with battery clamps

1000 CO Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Analyzer

CO Series 1500

Includes CO analyzer, 10’ exhaust sample hose with flexible probe (½” O.D.), narrow flexible probe (¼” O.D.), 6’ power cable with battery clamps and protective storage case


Optional Accessories

  • Calibration kit (without calibration gas), No. CK-050
  • Calibration gas cylinder (0.5% CO), No. CG-005: ideal for fork lifts and lawnmowers
  • Calibration gas cylinder (4.0% CO), No. CG-040: ideal for motorcycles
  • Protective storage case, No. SC-100: for CO Series 1000
  • Narrow flexible probe (¼” O.D.), No. FP-025
  • Water separator w/ 2 stage filter, No. WS-755