OSHA CO Compliance

Made Easier with Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Gas Analyzers and Monitors

CO ComplianceOSHA compliance issues occur where industrial lift trucks are operated indoors. Emissions from these vehicles will build up in enclosed areas and can cause worker injury or illness.

Potential OSHA problems can be quickly resolved when you count on Blanke Industries equipment to help you find and solve carbon monoxide sources in the workplace.

The process for resolving most OSHA carbon monoxide (CO) compliance challenges can be summarized in two simple steps:

1. Find It

2. Fix It

Our state-of-the-art products are designed to identify the presence of carbon monoxide at very low levels in parts per million, PPM, and then to find and isolate the cause with high concentration analyzers reading up to 10 percent.

Federal OSHA carbon monoxide standards require CO to be below an average of 50 parts per million over an 8 hour period in the workplace. OSHA also allows states to set even lower compliance levels, and some states and locales are at 35 PPM. You will need to call your local OSHA office to learn the applicable level in your area.

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To FIND CO in the Workplace…

Ambient Air Monitor for Area Testing

Series 300 CO Tracker

CO TrackerCarbon Monoxide Monitor Model 300

This pocket sized CO monitor is designed for portability and ease of use.

Pressing the button once turns the unit on for a 5-minute testing period. During this time, it reads carbon monoxide from 0 to 600 parts per million. At the end of 5 minutes, it turns off to conserve battery life.

Pressing the button twice will turn on the dosimeter function and carbon monoxide is now measured for an 8-hour period. OSHA standards for CO exposure are based on and average exposure over an 8-hour time period. Various exposure levels at 25 PPM, 125 PPM and 400 PPM levels will trigger an audible alarm to alert the wearer of high carbon monoxide levels.

Because of the high sensitivity of these type analyzers, they are not recommended for testing industrial truck exhaust where the carbon monoxide is a much higher concentration.

To FIX CO in the Workplace…

Exhaust Gas Analyzers for Source Testing

2500 A CO Exhaust AnalyzerCO Series 2500

Product specifications for Series 2500 Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Analyzer
This portable analyzer is used by OSHA Industrial Hygienists to locate industrial lift trucks that are in need of maintenance or repair. Both Federal and State Agencies are using the CO Series 2500. Some OSHA groups also use the optional printer to demonstrate how much fuel is being wasted.

State agencies use these analyzers in two ways. Enforcement actions and consulting, education and training actions are both supported with the CO Series 2500. Because there are no Federally mandated carbon monoxide levels, various State OSHA enforcement groups have adopted an acceptable carbon monoxide limit of between 1% and 2%. Trucks found to be above these levels are tagged with a sticker calling for maintenance. It is then up to the owner/operator to get proper maintenance done on this tagged vehicle.

Consulting, education and training groups within State OSHA groups use the Series 2500 and the optional printer. They show how high the carbon monoxide emission level is for individual trucks and fleets of trucks. They also do the three mode fuel savings test to demonstrate wasted fuel.

Federal OSHA agencies use the CO Series 2500 for enforcement actions and to detect high carbon monoxide emitting lift trucks. The CO Series 2500 analyzer is available for loan to various Federal OSHA agencies through OSHA’s Cincinnati Technical Center to use for industrial lift truck testing.

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