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Using Carbon Monoxide Analysis for Improving Industrial Lift Truck Emissions and Fuel Economy

The Blanke Industries Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers are used to insure industrial lift trucks are safe for employees and operate efficiently.

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Good: CO Series 1000

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Best: CO Series 2500

…and expand your knowledge for applying CO analysis with our technical bulletins for fork lift performance improvement.

Blanke CO Series 2500

The ideal tool for saving fuel.

The CO Series 2500 Analyzer is the most user friendly and feature rich of our three analyzers. It is designed to be fast and portable with its own battery pack. Measuring carbon monoxide from 0 to 10% requires it to be turned on and a probe inserted into the truck’s exhaust pipe. A reading can be completed within 15 seconds after probe insertion. To read the next truck’s CO level, simply remove the probe from the first truck’s exhaust and repeat the test on your next truck.

2500 A CO Exhaust Analyzer

Series 2500: shown above with optional thermal printer.

The CO Series 2500 helps save fuel by providing a hard copy of CO results. This assists the technician to properly adjust the fuel handling system. Lift trucks set without a CO analyzer routinely waste 10% to 25% of their propane because of improper carburetor settings. With the CO Series 2500, a lift truck is tested at idle, cruise (governed throttle) and fully loaded. Carbon monoxide results are stored, average CO is determined and wasted propane in gallons per year is calculated based on a single shift operation. The printed page from the analyzer and the printer is shown below.

Sample Printout from Series 2500


  • Units are customized to include your company and contact information.
  • Wasted Fuel data serves to demonstrate tune-up return-on-investment as it is easily converted to money lost with an out-of-tune truck.


Carbon Monoxide Analyzer 1500Blanke CO Series 1500

The CO Series 1500 is the mid-level analyzer for the cost co
nscious repair provider. It reads 0 to 10 % CO, offers fast speed, is accurate, rugged and is powered by the battery on the lift truck. For low cost and accurate CO adjustment, this analyzer is the value leader.

The CO Series 1500, with its optional printer, has memory capability and provides a hard copy of CO results at idle, cruise and at full load. Average CO is also determined and printed.

Printed page from CO Series 1500 Analyzer

Model 1500 Printout


Blanke CO Series 1000

1000P-Manual-No-CaseShown at right with optional thermal printer

The CO Series 1000 is our entry-level product for small shops. It measures 0 to 4% CO, and is powered by the battery in the lift truck.

The CO Series 1000 with its optional printer offers real-time printouts for a hard copy record.

Sample Printout from Series 1000

Series 1000 Printout

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