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The Blanke Industries Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers are used to insure commercial lawnmowers are operated efficiently and delivering maximum power.

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2500 A CO Exhaust AnalyzerCO Series 2500

The CO Series 2500 helps save fuel dollars by providing high sensitivity CO results. This assists the conversion technician to properly adjust the fuel handling system. Commercial lawnmowers set up and maintained without a CO analyzer routinely waste 10% to 25% of their propane because of improper carburetor settings. With the CO Series 2500, a commercial lawnmower is tested and tuned at idle, and fully loaded.

Carbon monoxide results are used to set to recommended CO levels to minimize propane costs and maximize power.

Model 1500 Exhaust Gas AnalyzerCO SERIES 1500

The CO Series 1500 is the mid-level analyzer for the cost conscious conversion provider. It reads 0 to 10 % CO, offers fast speed, is accurate, rugged and is powered by the battery on the lawnmower. For low cost and accurate CO adjustment, this analyzer is the value leader.

1000 CO Exhaust Gas AnalyzerCO SERIES 1000

The CO Series 1000 is our entry-level product for small shops. It is recommended as the lowest cost way to get into propane conversions. It measures 0 to 4% CO, and is powered by the battery in the lawnmower.

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