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Technical Information

Proper Use of Exhaust Analysis Data Provides The Keys to Improving Engine Efficiency and Fuel Savings. Our Guides Help You Learn Why and How.

Operator’s Manuals for Carbon Monoxide Analyzers

Technical Bulletins

CO 1000 Manual (pdf ) 196KB

CO 1500 Manual (pdf ) 212KB

CO 2000 Manual (pdf ) 303KB

CO 2500 Manual (pdf) 450KB



Motorcycle Tune-Up Procedure

Your guide to check and properly adjust a motorcycle’s air/fuel mixture for enhanced engine performance and economy.

Calculate Wasted Fuel Dollars with a 4 Step Fleet Fuel Savings Audit

Using Carbon Monoxide measurement to achieve fuel savings

Fork Lift Tune-Up Guide

Step-by-step procedures for tuning propane forklifts.

Sampling Exhaust from Commercial Lawnmowers

Step-by-step procedures insuring CO levels are accurate and not diluted by air.

Setup for Propane Fueled Lawnmowers

Setup procedures required when converting a commercial lawnmower from gasoline to propane.