Series 300 CO Tracker: Carbon Monoxide Monitor

CO Tracker

Actual Size

The Blanke CO Tracker 300 is a carbon monoxide, air quality meter, tester and sensor designed to measure and record your workplace CO in parts per million. The data presentation is designed to generally follow OSHA standards for workplace exposure.

Carbon Monoxide Monitor Key Functions

  • Portable, hand-held instrument
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Range of 0-600 ppm Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Response time less than 30 seconds to 90%
  • Minimum one year battery life
  • Simple one push-button control
  • Short test for area CO levels
  • Eight hour dosimeter test for OSHA type results
  • Audible alarms at 25 parts per million time weighted average up to eight hours, and instantaneous alarms at 125 ppm & at 400 ppm


This CO Tracker can be used anywhere in a workplace where Carbon Monoxide (CO) can be present.  For example…

  • Industrial lift truck service technicians
  • Industrial lift truck operators
  • Engine tuning and repair
  • Freight forwarding
  • Fleet maintenance personnel
  • Fire department personnel
  • Marina repair facilities
  • Small engine repair shops
  • Health / Safety Officers:  Testing for possible presence of CO
  • Shipping dock
  • Warehouse
  • Factory floor

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