A Heritage of Internal Combustion Engine Analysis

Blanke Industries designs and manufactures exhaust gas analyzers in its Wauconda Illinois factory. Since 1987, our products have evolved under the guidance of our founder, John Blanke Sr., a pioneer in the field of engine exhaust measurement and analysis with multiple patents and inventions to his credit.

Applied Analysis for Improved Horsepower and Emissions

When the first California emissions programs were launched in 1967, John Blanke, Sr., worked in Detroit helping General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler and American Motors engineers with laboratory grade emission test equipment. On weekends, he helped engine tuners affiliated with these automakers to utilize this same equipment. At that time, the emissions analyzers were used to maximize road horsepower for major racing teams. It was here, Blanke, Sr., learned of the relationship of power to vehicle emissions. He also supported EPA’s Mobile Source Pollution Control Laboratory in Ann Arbor Michigan, where he equipped 32 test sites with emissions equipment and helped write the Clean Air Act of 1970.

Commercialization of Exhaust Analysis Equipment

After five years in Detroit supporting automobile manufacturers, John Sr. relocated to California where he directed the development of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen instruments for vehicle emissions applications with Beckman Instruments. He also managed the transition of these laboratory grade instruments into service grade equipment now used in the repair industries throughout the world. In 1984, as pioneer of the first four-gas analyzer, Blanke continued to develop tools for the repair market. He founded Blanke Industries, Inc. in 1987 where he is responsible for product design and engineering.

The Next Generation

In 1988, John Blanke, Jr., joined the company in a sales and customer support capacity. He now manages the marketing, product management and manufacturing. John, Jr., focuses on customer support and training and manages the sales support, application engineering and accounting staff.

The combined experience of John, Sr., as an engine guru and instrument designer and John, Jr., supporting the evolving customer needs brings together a top-flight team to solve your engine emissions and fuel consumption problems.